Textured HDPE Geocell
Textured HDPE Geocell

TMP Geocell is a lightweight and flexible three-dimensional, expandable panels made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) strips which are ultrasonically bonded together to form an extremely strong configuration.

When infilled by compacted soil, a Cellular Confinement System (CCS) is to create a new entity with enhanced mechanical and geotechnical properties. When pressure applied to the soil contained in a CCS, it results in a lateral stress on the perimeter of the cell wall. The three-dimensional confinement area reduces the lateral movement of soil particles. the vertical load applied to contained infill lead to high stress and resistance to lateral interface between cell and soil.

Constrained adjacent cell provides additional resistance filled by passive resistive load cell, while the horizontal expansion by restricting the ring of high strength. Compaction is maintained to result in long-term reinforcement.

On the jobsite, all sections of geocell are fastened together and placed directly on the surface of the subsoil or placed on the geotextile covered on the roadbed surface. the sections are stretched and expanded with stretcher. geocell extended to cover several tens of meters may consist of hundreds of individual cells, depending on the size of the section and the whole area. They are then filled with a variety of filler materials such as soil, sand, aggregate or recycled materials, and then compacted using vibration compaction.

Overall CCS can create a hard mattress to distribute the load over a wider area, reduce settlement of soft soil, improve shear resistance and load carrying capacity and reduce distortion.